What We Do

Andy and Rose are SAMS Missionaries working in NE Brazil in the city of Olinda along with Ian and Simea Meldrum.

They are both involved, to different extents, in My Father's House Project. Andy is now part of the new 'Executive Committee' and is involved in the organization, development and leadership of the project. Rose supports Andy in this work and also helps to develop the health side of the project and has been able to obtain free dental care for all the boys in the safe house. They are also both responsible for foreign volunteers who come to the project, developing their program and supporting them during their stay in Brazil.

Rose is currently at University studying Psychology and Andy is doing a long distance course in intergral mission with All Nations College in the UK. Andy is also supporting the legal side of the project, attending hearings with the judge alongside the boys and involved in working with the families in the hope of restoring the boys to the family unit.

Within Living Waters Church they are both responsible for the 18+ youth group and Rose is a Sunday School Teacher and a leader of the dance group MISART. 


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