My Father's House

My Father's House Project is an NGO working with street children and the poor community in Olinda, NE Brazil.

The project works in partnership with the Anglican Church of Living Waters and together they reach out to the poor surrounding community to save them, both physically from the dangers that they are in, and spiritually through faith in Jesus Christ.

The project especially works amongst the community which lives on a shanty town beside the city's open air rubbish dump. This area is particualry dangerous and violent, My Father's House project reaches out to the many children who are caught up in the drug traficking trade, whose lives are in danger from the gangs or who have suffered abuse from their families.

3. The Farm (pictured right) - The place where the project began long ago! This is a converted farm around 40 mins drive out into the countryside. Nestled in a valley surrounded by forest and coconut trees it really is a peaceful place. No longer used daily, it's now reserved for camps and retreats for the project and church. It's hoped that one day the farm will be re-opened full time once funding has been found.

 Currently, My Father's House Project has a three pronged ministry:

1. The Family Support Christian Centre (CCAF) - This is run as a school using some of the church's buildings. It runs reinforcement classes and sporting activites for over 100 children from the shanty town. This is the first point of call for at risk children as we can get to know their families and their situations. This part of the project is in partnership and is mostly funded by one of the local Presbiteryian churches.

2. My Father's 'Safe' House (pictured above) - In some cases children and teenagers are at extreme risk and need to leave the area. Usually thay have become involved with the local drug gangs where their life has become endangered due to their own gang or rivals. Others have left home due to abuse and have fled to the streets. The safe house works exclusively with boys and can hold up to 12 boys at a time between the ages of 7 - 16. We currently have 10 boys (pictured left recieving their Christmas presents) where they live 7 days a week and also attend the local school. The days are spent doing homework, playing football and other activities, and of course playing on the beach, which is just out the back door of the house! Work is also done with their families in the hope of reintergrating the boys back into the families.

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