Get Involved

We would love you to be involved with our work, and there are plenty of ways to do that!

The best way that you can be involved is to pray for us, our work and the project.  In order to do that effectievley please download our latest newsletter in the 'News' section or email us to be put on the distribution list.

You can also support us and the project financially - more info on that below!

... Or you can come! Why not come out to Brazil and spend a few weeks/months as a volunteer!? It's hard work but it's a great challenge and helpful to see things first hand. We've had many foreign volunteers over the years, both short and long term, and it's been a great success each time! Don't want to come on your own? Then get some friends together and come out as a team for a month! Get in touch with us for more info.

 Supporting Andy and Rose

Rose and I are supported financially by individuals and churches in the UK. If you would like to contribute to our support then you can do that, tax efficiently, via CMS - email them here for more details.

We value your prayer support so please do download our latest newsletter in the 'News' section.

We thankyou all for your support - it's a fantastic encouragement to us to know that there are so many people behind us.  

 Supporting 'My Father's House'

It costs the project around £3500 per month to keep running. These costs cover the rent of the safe house along with staff wages, bills and food costs etc.... At the moment we have a montly deficit of around  £2500 and so are keen to encourage more people to commit to finanically supporting the project each month. You can do that in a number of ways....

1. Direct standing order to the project. You can set up a standing order to give regulary each month to the project. This can be done, tax effieciently, through our UK based charity, 'The Service of Hope' - meaning that we can claim back the tax on your donation. Please get in touch here for more info.

2. One off financial gift - Instead of giving regulary you can give a one off gift to the project e.g. due to a fundraising activity. This can also be done tax efficiently through our charity - please get in touch here for more details.

3. Sponsor a Boy - This is a new initiative to encourage more people to give regulary to the project. We ask that either an individual or a group of people e.g. a church's small group, commit to 'sponsoring' a boy for a year. For £25 per month you can sponsor one of our boys and help towards the cost of keeping him in the project. In return you will recieve regular (3 or 4 per year) letters from your boy plus monthly updates on our work. Your £25 will go towards the day to day running costs of the project and can also be done tax efficiently via our charity. Please get in touch here for more details. 

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