Living Waters Church

 The Anglican Church of Living Waters started way back in 1993 when Simeá Meldrum felt God calling her into the city´s rubbish dump (pictured left).

At that time there were a number of families actually living amongst the city´s waste, searching through the dump to find things to eat and use as shelter. The Brazilian governement looked the other way and society shunned these ´untouchables´.

Simeá, along with a few other Christians, entered onto the dump to reach out to these people. When she stood on top of the rubbish dump and looked out at the scene that she saw; children playing amongst hospital waste and people actually eating what they were finding; she felt God tell her ´take off your sandels for you are standing on holy ground.´

She hasn´t left since.

Living Waters Church (below left) has grown ever since and hasn´t stopped reaching out to the people who live in the surrounding shanty town. Some of these people live in very poor conditions (pictured right) and the area is very danagerous due to the number of drug traficking gangs. Local statistics have shown that just on this shanty town an average of four young people (under 18) are killed each week!

Rose and I are youth leaders in this church. We run a group (some of which are pictured below) which studies the Bible and tries to reach out to other young people around the shanty town.

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