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Andy Roberts

Andy, born in 1985, grew up in York England where his home church is St Michael le Belfrey.

He was brought up in a Christian family but it was only when he went to Croatia as a 16 year did his faith become real to him. It was also his first experience of 'mission' and working with the opressed, an exprience which would re-shape his life in the future.

A talk from the Toybox Charity on their work with street children in South America that he heard as a teenager would lead him to choose to take a gap year and head out to North East Brazil as a SAMS short term volunteer. It was during these 6 months working with street children and on shanty towns that his eyes were 'opened' and his faith challenged in regards to his role in the world. He knew that God had unfinished business with him in Brazil but also understood that his near future lay in the UK at Newcastle University. It was also during these 6 months that he met Rose (more about that later!) and they managed to carry on their relationship whilst in two different countries.

During those three years at Newcastle University studying Pharmacology he became involved with Jesmond Parish Church, Newcastle Christian Union and of course the football teams! But, Brazil (nor Rose) were ever far from his mind and at the end of his second year (2006) he led his first mission team of uni friends back to the shanty towns of NE Brazil.

After graduating from University, Andy managed to get hold of a visa and returned to Brazil once again, this time for the long term! He became involved with 'My Father's House' Project where, together with Rose, he helped to run the project.

The South American Mission Society approached Andy in late 2008 and by early 2009, Andy and Rose (now engaged) were back in the UK so that Andy could go through selection to become a SAMS missionary. He was accepted in Feb 2009 and after travelling the country for 5 months with his fiancee buidling up support, they were married on the 17th July 2009 in York. They returned to Brazil shortly after to continue their work together. 

 Rose Alves Roberts

Rose, formally Roseane Alves Pereira da Silva, grew up in the city of Olinda in NE Brazil with the Anglican Church of Living Waters being her home church. 

Rose's family are from the area around the church and she was brought up, and used to live in the shanty town. It was through the dance ministry of Living Waters Church that Rose became a Christian in 2001 and has been a leader of the dance group MISART ever since. She used to work as a dental nurse for the church and it was there, in 2004, that she met a young English Missionary.

When Andy returned to the UK in 2004, Rose went to work in My Father's House project as the 'Mum', where she stayed for 5 years responsible 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for the boys within the project. This was a very difficult and challenging but rewarding time where God taught Rose many things. She was also able to complete her Nursing course and was able to use her medical skills within the project.

The last year of her time as the 'Mum' of the project was spent with Andy as they learnt (sometimes the difficult way) how to work together. She returned to England for the second time with Andy to spend 6 months in the UK. During this time she visited many churches and also had the opportunity to show some of MISART's dances in a few. Her English improved a lot during this time and is now enjoying being able to speak with the English side of the family.

She married Andy on the 17th July 2009 and then reurned to Brazil.

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